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Thank you for your interest in making a an impacting difference in a family's life. I would ask that you consider donating to this cause of helping Women in Transition by providing them the tools and resources that they need to truly make a change in their current situations. Here in Esther's Court, we believe that with adequate guidance and instruction, every family can rise above and beyond their barriers and soar into the next level of their life.

During my pastoral journey and the ability to help women from many different walks of life, I have found there are many commonalities that they all share. Each woman has a unique story and each family is composed of unique members and roles. It amazes me to hear the heart of these women and the struggles that each face. Some of them are trauma related, but other times it has been because of lack of guidance, direction, or someone with a listening ear that truly supports them. Many times they find themselves in the same vicious cycle they've created for themselves, but don't  know how to break free from it. In a supportive environment, it is much easier to think clearer and create solutions that are based on wisdom rather than emotions and the painful reminders of their past.

My greatest reward is to watch a woman's transformation, from timid to bold, from lacking to resourceful, from intimidated to assertive, from foolish to wise and see her rise to her great potential. Once she realizes that she is more valuable in God's eyes than what she thought, she is never the same again!

Help me bless these women in their journey of metamorphosis and support them to becoming all that they were destined to be. May God richly bless and multiply your gift to them today.


Esther Adriana Santos, MSW

Founder & CEO, Esther's Court Inc.


House of Metamorphosis


Esther’s Court House of Metamorphosis, will provide transitional housing for homeless single women and youth who have aged out of the foster care system. This program is intended to create an all-inclusive coaching and support services system to shift women and youth towards self-sufficiency and permanent housing.

The projected outcomes start with the women and youth understanding character building to help break cycles of dysfunction. Each woman is assisted with child care for their children. They are also provided employment services so that they can secure a job and begin contributing to a savings account.

Other support services provided by HOM are parenting classes, mental health counseling, and life and relationship skills classes including financial management, establishing credit, and savings.

Applicants are expected to graduate from the program within 12 months, at which time coaches will assist with establishing permanent housing.

The facility will also include a fitness & natural health center, day care, employment and coaching center, and retreat area.




An exclusive place for women to be a part of something greater and receive the transformation that they need.



A Fitness Center for the women to develop in strong and with healthy lifestyles.



A Career Center for women to develop their job skills and seek employment.



Childcare will be provided to support women during their transition.



A place of nurture and health--learning how to eat like a Queen.



A place of fellowship where women can have a support system of other like-minded women.  Retreats will be held regularly for spiritual growth and development. 



During her Metamorphosis she will:

  • Rise to a higher level of personal excellence
  • Design her life Purpose, Vision, & Plan
  • Develop her personal stewardship plan creating room for abundance
  • Upgrade her mindset around making money, raising her standards and setting healthy boundaries
  • Enjoy a healthier, more balanced lifestyle and a greater sense of accomplishment
  • Develop a business that supports her desired dreams and lifestyle
  • Experience herself in a new place of value & beauty
  • Discover her brilliance through hands-on workshops and become more passionately committed to all she does


  • 4 one-on-one sessions per month  (in-person or Skype)
  • Goal Setting: Establishing your P.V.P. ~ Discover your Purpose, Create your Vision, and Develop your Plan
  • A personalized Life Management Binder to help track your finances, household, health, & career goals
  • Entrepreneur Training & Coaching
  • Individualized Financial Budget & Debt-Cancellation Plan
  • A Healthy Living Plan (Body, Mind, & Soul)
  • Skin Care & Beauty Makeovers, Wardrobe & Accessory Consultations
  • Quarterly Accomplishment Rewards
  • Provision of additional Support Resources
  • Invitations and Promotions to Workshops, Conferences and Retreats
  • First Access to VIP seating at events at membership rate

Coaching Packages

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Your support and contributions will enable us to support women in transition and raise them to their highest self. 

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