Princess Academy


This  program was developed for young girls ages 12-17 with a Divine Purpose  of the Living God. Looking back at my life as a youth, I realize I  possessed an unusual hunger. I was in search for something greater, but  wasn't sure what it was. And whenever I would ask someone, I was left  feeling empty and with a greater void.  I didn't realize that what I was  really searching for was for God's purpose in my life. Now in my adult  years, I wonder what my life would been like if I had someone  to teach  me the wisdom principles I needed to guide me through life's challenges.  I probably would have avoided many wrong choices and heartaches that  have almost cost me my life. Had it not been for God, I don't know where  I would be.

Today, I have a strong passion to mentor girls and young women and help  provide them a foundation where they can grow and obtain godly wisdom  and prepare them for their divine purpose. Like Esther, she had a mentor  who raised her in the ways of God and taught her the wisdom she needed  for the destiny that awaited her. The 4 Wise Pillars that the Princess-in-training  will learn and experience are described below:


The 4 Wise Pillars





♛ As  young as the age of 13, the Princess-in-training can begin to learn the basics of godly stewardship and true wealth through hands-on training through a personal  coach and mentor.

 ♛ The Princess-in-training will have the opportunity to learn how to network and develop  skills such as effective communication, critical thinking, and business  management skills such as time and money management.

 ♛ Each Princess will have an opportunity to begin to create a source of  income so she can be able to fund her goals and dreams. She will  learn about goal setting and how to create a vision for her goals and  create a plan to achieve them.  It's not just about the money she will  earn, but how that money can change her life and impact others. The Princess will have a chance to enjoy rewards and earn recognition.

 ♛  The Princess-in-training will be inspired and empowered to succeed no matter what ethnicity or  socioeconomic background she comes from, and will become equipped with  the foundational tools needed to succeed and promote social, moral, and  ethical responsibility.





♛ Integrity  is a foundational pillar when teaching the   Princess-in-training about stewardship, not  only in her personal life, but in her business as well. This will  create a ripple effect that will create a standard in their future  workplace and place of education. She will learn about not compromising  what they know is right for  even when no one is watching.

 ♛ Teaching the Princess-in-training about having the courage to do what is right despite the  possible peer pressure and consequences may be a challenging thing.  Unfortunately, it may not always be easy for a Princess-in-training to talk to her parents about certain issues, with an additional support system in  place, she can feel empowered to be able to face and make decisions  confidently and boldly.  

 ♛ Teaching  young girls the importance of maintaining a reputation of godly moral  character and to be lady-like is certainly far from many of today's  societal standards. The   Princess-in-training will become aware of the social responsibility to be a role model and positive influence for those around her.





♛ The Princess-in-training will be able to begin to realize her true value and self worth  based on who God says she is. Many girls today have feelings of  low-self esteem either due to the lack of a father figure in their lives or other events that have distorted the view of their true self.  

♛ Decisions  of a young girl are often made from the standpoint of how she sees  herself. Once her perception changes, she will be able to see herself  through a different lens and ultimately be able to make decisions that  line up with the Princess she is and will become.

♛ The Princess-in-training will learn the basics of self-care and personal hygiene, not only to  enhance their external beauty, but to realize the importance and  value of their bodies as temples of God. They will be able to experience  skin care and pampering sessions.





♛ The Princess-in-training will understand that excellence is a pillar that highlights two important factors: going above and  beyond in what she says, thinks, and does, and the ability that she has to  move forward in life.

♛ God  has designed us to excel and prosper and live a life of purpose and  excellence. The Princess-in-training will be able to learn and understand the concepts  of faithfulness and godly stewardship.